Windows 10 Released, and it’s Free for Upgrade to Windows 7 and 8/8.1 Users

Yesterday, Microsoft served windows 10 to the world and announced free upgrade for the existing Windows 7 and 8 users. Microsoft gave the world a good, business-friendly, consumer-focused ant other plenty of features with Windows 10.

One of the most popular announcements, Microsoft said that Windows 10 will be a free upgrade to anyone using Windows 7 and up for the first year. If you have Windows 7 or higher, you can upgrade to Windows 10 without paying a single penny. That’s certainly a good for the windows users. Microsoft even confirms that once you have upgraded within the first year, you will get free support for the lifetime of the product, it means this isn’t a trap where you will have to pay after the first year.

The decision to make Windows 10 a free upgrade for existing users, at least for a limited time, makes sense. Because all we know who used windows 8, almost of them openly expressed their displeasure or frustration faced with Windows 8 operating system. So this move by Microsoft will certainly make a smile on the face of Windows users who spent their money purchasing Windows 8.So you are gonna love Windows 10, is coming with its enhanced Start Button, which is missed by Windows 8 users most, and with several another mind blowing features for each(not just all) type of users.

You can check why Microsoft says, Windows 10 is not for all of us, but for each of us here.

See the video A New Generation of Windows below to have a sharp look of Windows 10.

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