Very First Strategies for Beginners to Start Learning Ethical Hacking

Are you a beginner willing to start learning ethical hacking but don’t know where to start? If so you are at the right place. since you are a beginner and have little or no knowledge of ethical hacking, you must be clear this is not an overnight process but the slow and a tedious process. You’ll achieve your goal if you enjoy the process of experimenting and by embracing the frustrations you face when things don’t work, and when you suddenly get curious about an infrastructure. To become an ethical hacker one has to have an attitude and curiosity of learning and adapting new skills.

Strategies to Start Learning Ethical Hacking :

Stay assured. I’ll not put the much crap here except only those strategies which are really essential for a beginner to start his journey to learn how to hack. There is no need of much stuffs except listed below while you are just going to start. I believe, Once you get your hand over it you’ll be capable to find your way yourself.

  1. Learn By Doing not Reading:

    I suggest you to don’t try something big but to start with small things and involve yourself practically in that. One thing you should note that no one can teach you the real ethical hacking except you and your attempts to hack, doesn’t matter if that attempt is successful or not. So better learn with doing your own hacking activity than to learn with others then start yours.

  2. Start Using Linux:

    strategies to start learning hacking

    Your very first step to learn ethical hacking should be to start using Linux OS. It is recommended to start using Kali Linux from your first day. I understand it would be difficult for you to use Linux in your initial days while you are just starting with doing small things that are more likely to possible in Windows OS. But relax, I’m not saying you to ditch the Windows completely and rely only on Linux, but to keep using windows for your basic ethical hacking experiments and also try your hand in Kali Linux too. You should be aware of the fact ethical hacking is almost nothing without Linux. So it would be good for you how soon you are able to do even your basic ethical hacking activity using Linux.


    Set this Image as your wallpaper to learn basic Linux commands

    Initially you can Install Kali Linux on Virtual Machine in your Windows PC to use it side by side. Also download the image above and set it as your wallpaper to learn basic commands in Kali Linux.

  3. Learn Networking Concepts :

    Strategies to Start Learning Hacking

    Initially you must learn the basic concept about networks and it’s components. You should have an acceptable understanding of TCP/IP and UDP to adventure vulnerabilities in networks. Learn about LAN, WAN, VPN, routers and firewalls. Understanding what the cryptography is, and how it works is additionally vital.

    After that you would be required to have a reasonable comprehension and utilization of system devices, for example, Wireshark, NMAP for parcel examining, system filtering and so on.

  4. Start Learning How to Program :

    Strategies to Start Learning Hacking

    Learn more than one programming languages. Don’t keep headache, learn it gradually and side by side. You can start with C language and later move to Python, C++, JAVA etc.

That’s all and enough for a beginner to start learning ethical hacking. I don’t want to frustrate you suggesting even more stuffs and resulting you end up with give up here just in starting. Trust me this is more than enough for you to start learning ethical hacking. Also I can bet assuring you once you are familiar with all above, you no longer be needed for someone’s suggestions to what to do next. You’ll be capable to find your own way.

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Happy Ethical Hacking!!

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