TunnelBear Brings Chrome Extension for Private Browsing on the Desktop

Meet TunnelBear’s newly-released chrome extension that lets you flip your browsing into anonymous mode in seconds. If you’re trying to get around blocked websites and censorship in your region, avoid IP tracking, and secure your browsing activity over public Wi-Fi or another untrusted network, TunnelBear Chrome Extension makes all these easier for you now in chrome browser.

However, TunnelBear is well-known Virtual private networks, or VPNs for short, App even before this release. It has been helping with over the past few years with a cross-platform app that shields your location and identity on the web. TunnelBear offers one of the most user-friendly, clean, easy to use interface, and a simple on/off switch to make it appear you’re elsewhere in the world. TunnelBear’s Windows or Mac app shields all your Internet activity, with encryption taking place when the data leaves the computer. Even its Android and iPhone app do the same job as well.

But note that the TunnelBear Chrome Extension isn’t a full VPN actually, though it does offer quite similar VPN features. It’s actually an encrypted proxy, which means it’s limited to activity within your browser rather than from your entire machine.

TunnelBear Chrome Extension uses Google Chrome browser’s encryption, AES 128-bit, while its VPN apps adopt a stronger AES-256 encryption.

This is currently in beta, but a great tool for the privacy-conscious which also offers users the facility to bypass filters and content location restrictions. It is still a little rough around the edges but understandable for a beta product.


So now it’s time to say good-bye to content location restrictions, stay safe and browse anonymously over Internet. You can easily trick to Netflix and another blocked websites in your region, into believing that you’re elsewhere on your desired location in just couple of clicks. Also add an extra layer of privacy to your browsing, especially when connecting from public places like libraries or coffee shops.

The free one: Little Package, allows you up to 500MB free browsing per month, which would be enough far if it’s simply emails and some general Web browsing. However, If you want to re-enable tracking, or just conserve your free 500 MB data, any time you can turn off TunnelBear with one click in the extension menu.TunnerBear-Chrome-ExtensionIf you want more proxied browsing, get an extra 1GB worth of data simply by tweeting out a promotional message on behalf of TunnelBear. If you are a heavy user, mostly browse being anonymous over Internet, simply go to the “unlimited tunnelling” package. you’ll need to buy either the Giant Package($4.99/month) on 3 devices or Grizzly Package ($44.99/year) which lasts an entire year and saves your 17% money.

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