SPARTAN – Microsoft’s Brand New Web Browser

Microsoft officially announces a brand new light weight and fast web browser ‘Spartan’ with Windows 10. According to reports Spartan Browser will be similar to Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox by it’s look and feel, but it isn’t the updated version of Internet Explorer (Internet Explorer 12). It is totally new and default browser in Windows 10.

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However Microsoft’s new version of Internet explorer is very good and fast but still Microsoft is failed to change the mentality of users about internet explorer. Users don’t likely gonna use it because of its complexity, slow speed, and look experienced in previous versions. 

Spartan is a single browser designed to work great across the entire Windows 10 device family – from keyboard and mouse on the Windows 10 desktop to touch, gestures, voice, controllers and sensors. In Microsoft’s blog post about Spartan, company officials say Spartan is ‘powered by a new rendering engine’.

Here’s how Microsoft explains about this in the blog post       

Powered by a new rendering engine, Spartan is designed for interoperability with the modern web. We’ve deliberately moved away from the versioned document modes historically used in Internet Explorer, and now use the same markup as other modern browsers. Spartan’s new rendering engine is designed to work with the way the web is written today.

It provides compatibility with the millions of existing enterprise web sites designed for Internet Explorer. To achieve this, Spartan loads the IE11 engine for legacy enterprise web sites when needed, while using the new rendering engine for modern web sites.

 Like Windows 10 itself Spartan will remain up-to-date: as a service, both providing new platform capabilities, security and performance improvements, and ensuring web developers a consistent platform across Windows 10 devices.

Watch this video introducing Spartan Browser :

So far it’s officially yet not clear whether it will support extensions or not, as rumored and also there’s no detail about whether Spartan will be portable on non-Windows systems, such as Android, iOS, or OS X and whether it will support Group Policy templates for IT administrators and many more. So all we have to do is to wait until launch of Windows 10 to be for sure.

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