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Google Introduces “ARC Welder” For Developers to Test Android Apps

By Vikas R. Srivastava / April 2, 2015

Google introduces a Chrome App Packager named “ARC Welder”, let developer to test APK file for Chrome operating system. ARC Welder is a Chrome App/Extension that belongs to ARC—the “App Runtime for Chrome(Beta)”, a project that allowed Android apps to run on Chrome OS launched by Google in September previous year. The App Runtime for Chrome and Native Client are […]


Trick to Add Continue Reading Text Link in Facebook Post

By Vikas R. Srivastava / March 31, 2015

Facebook, one of the most famous social networking site has helped a lot to create a personal brand page for many individuals and for business. It enables users to create their personal fan page or business brand page very easily in just couple of clicks. Further, page owners use their page to promote their business […]


WhatsApp Finally Lanuches on the Web – Desktop

By Vikas R. Srivastava / January 22, 2015

WhatsApp finally came to the desktop today, it is the day millions of people waited for over some previous years. About a month ago we first heard whispers about the possibility of a WhatsApp web client for desktop and now it becomes true. Today WhatsApp officially launched its web client ‘WhatsApp Web’ for the chrome […]

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