iOS Spy is Already Doing What the Proposed KillSwitch Would Do

You know why the KillSwitch is such a big deal these days? Because:

  1. Your phone holds a lot of important data
  2. Smartphone theft in the US rose by 30% last year

And do you know what? The government has started to realize this as well.

Last year, we saw the California Legislature come together for two times in a row to vote on the state’s most burning issue—should smartphones now come with an installed KillSwitch?

Senator Mark Leno was joined by George Gascon, the San Francisco prosecutor, wanting to convert the KillSwitch requirement from an idea they pitched in early 2013 to a state law. Apparently, all of this was because of the rising smartphone crime wave, especially in California. One in ten people have been victims of phone theft, some even facing injuries from their aggressors; Megan Boken was murdered during her encounter. iPhone users in particular have been targeted, so much so that the phenomenon has been renamed “Apple picking”. Through the KillSwitch Bill, Leo and Gascon want to eliminate the profit motive behind the crime by rendering the phones useless to anyone but the user. ABC explains:

The Mobile Monitoring Features:

So far, all we know of the KillSwitch is that is deletes the data from your phone when you think it has been stolen. But why wait for the phone manufactures to build something like then onto your phone when XNSPY alreadylets the user wipe their phone remotely?

That way, the offender has no way of getting to your personal data. But don’t worry! You won’t be losing anything at all because your monitoring app also lets you back up your data even when you’ve wiped your phone.

Another great feature your app has that the KillSwitch does not is that it lets the users lock their phone. Consider this: your phone is hiding somewhere in the depths of your couch. You panic, think it has been stolen and activate the KillSwitch. And then you find it and curse your bad luck. All that hassle for nothing, and you lost your data.

This is why XNSPY also gives the user the option to lock their phones.

In this way, when you are in the process of looking for your phone, you can use this feature so that the offender can’t get to your data until such time that you find it.

Take Matters Into Your Own Hands!

This new legislation should have no effect on you whatsoever if you already have an iOS spy installed. While the men in suits are still deep in debate, you should take matters into your own hands. Your phone security doesn’t have to be a fuss when you’ve got the right app.

Vikas is an internet geek and founder of Technotraps, a modern tech website. He is a passionate blogger and love to share latest tricks & informations about technology.