Run Android Apps In Chrome Browser Using ARC Welder

In September previous year, Google launched ARC- a limited beta “App Runtime for Chrome”. The project ARC was launched with intension to enable developers to test their Android App for chrome OS. But within few days of launch a hack reveled the project’s full potential and enabled ARC on nearly every desktop platforms loaded with chrome browser. Meaning one could unofficially run Android Apps on about anywhere like Android, Chrome OS, Windows, Mac, and Linux except iOS.

Now Google has released a Chrome App/Extension named “ARC Welder” that let developers to test their Android Apps and download the converted ZIP package that can run on Chrome OS. It means ARC Welder is a tool for developers that convert APK file into application for Chrome OS. However this converted App can run on other desktop platforms too. Yes, these converted Apps package could work even on Mac, Windows and Linux systems loaded with the Chrome browser.

How to Run your favourite Android Apps in Chrome Browser :

Project is in early beta stage though so only handful of Apps have been ported to ARC,  you can check with your favourite Android Apps in ARC Welder, a very easy process. (Watch tutorial video)

Things you will need :

  1. A Computer, installed Chrome Browse (either PC, Mac, Linux, or Chromebook)
  2. APK File
  3. ARC Welder

Steps :

  1. Install ARC Welder App in Chrome Browser
    • Click this ARC Welder link
    • Then click “+ ADD TO CHROME
  2. Wait for download to complete
  3. Launch ARC Welder App
  4. Navigate and assign a directory to keep files for ARC Welder App
  5. click “Add Your APK” to attach APK File (Know How to Get APK File)
  6. Select your preferences like :
    • Select your preferred orientation
    • Select your preferred form factor “Tablet” or “Phone”


  7. Click “Launch APK”
  8. Provide your credential if ask, and you are done !!

If you got any problem, go through the tutorial Video here :

Google ARC welder tool is based on Android version 4.4 and can load only one App at a time. When you load another APK file of any App the previously loaded APK will be removed or will not work next time. You have to attach resprctive APK file of Apps you want to run each time when change App. I personally tested with couple of popular android apps, so only some of apps are working on ARC like Facebook, Twitter, Messenger while others like WhatsApp doesn’t seems still ported.

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  • aviansh

    i follow the whole procedure to install whatsapp but am unable to verify. its showing error. both call and sms verifiaction .