You can install windows 10 in 3 different ways, must check which one is right for you


Microsoft has launched full featured version of Windows 10, and you are here, that means you are exited to know how can you install windows 10 in your system. That’s alright, because you aren’t alone but one of the millions of people who are exited to use Microsoft’s new generation operating system, Windows 10. So, […]

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Google launches ‘News lab’, one-stop destination for reporter’s resources


Google launched a new site called Google News Lab, a one-stop destination for the journalism resources from all backgrounds. Google News Lab is designed with the aim to connect digital journalists with programs, data and other resources to aid in their reporting. News Labs aims to involve reporters to better leverage Google products in their work. […]

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Undo Send: Now Google let you cancle your sent Email in Gmail


Accidentally sent a wrong email?…to a wrong person?…don’t worry, now you can “Undo Send” to cancel your sent email. Yes, Google now officially brings “Undo Send” feature to the Gmail. Undo Send feature in Gmail, the world’s most popular email platform, gives the functionality to the users to cancel their unintended sent mails. In fact, […]

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