One last chance & only a few hours left to save Internet in India

Update : Government has extended the deadline for submission of suggestions and comments on report of committee on net neutrality through the discussion forum under till August 20, 2015.

Are you too the one from millions of participants in Net Neutrality evolution to save Internet in India? If so…a bad news for you (actually for all Indians) that TRAI (Babus) are still about to favour big telcos like ‪‎Airtel‬ ‪, Vodafone‬ & your favorite ‪Facebook to defy everything that Net Neutrality offers.


We still have a last chance to save the internet in‪ India‬ by telling government that we want complete freedom of choice & no telcos should favour any website or offer free access to it. And the deadline to do so is until August 15 — that’s tomorrow.

Hold on. I might be wrong but if you are still clueless about these things like what the Net Neutrality is? Why you need to protect Net Neutrality? please read this article…and must come back here again to do your bit to save internet in India.

So, here is what we all need to do:

If you wish you can copy-paste the below comment:

Dear Government of India,

We want net neutrality but not as per Telecom Companies. Net neutrality doesn’t mean having access to internet for EVERYONE, it means having access to EVERYTHING on INTERNET. We must have equal freedom for internet access. Don’t License the Services like Whatsapp and viber. Please don’t take away our internet from us. Don’t make our apps buy licenses, we know then the money will go from our own pocket. #NetNeutrality, #TRAI, #MyGov

(Sample comment: )


Sample comment at


Take a moment & watch this video by AIB to understand how this would be a problem for you, me & for the growth of all of us.

So, do your bit before it’s too late. We have until 15th August (that’s tomorrow) midnight to act & save the Internet in India. Do all of us a favour, & share this post as much as you can on your Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus with #NetNeutrality to create awareness.

Read the previous movement.

Act now, remember it’s just a few hours left.

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