Undo Send: Now Google let you cancle your sent Email in Gmail

Accidentally sent a wrong email?…to a wrong person?…don’t worry, now you can “Undo Send” to cancel your sent email. Yes, Google now officially brings “Undo Send” feature to the Gmail. Undo Send feature in Gmail, the world’s most popular email platform, gives the functionality to the users to cancel their unintended sent mails.

In fact, Google first introduced “Undo Send” to Gmail six-year back in March 2009, but this option was previously available as an experimental feature in Gmail Labs. Only few people know about such things and you can find even more such experimental features in labs going through ‘Settings’ page. Here, Google tests out new features, which power users have to manually switch on to use.

But now it’s official and become a regular part of Gmail. Users all have to do to set time delay between 5 and 30 seconds before sending an email. You’ll have that much time to hit “Undo Send” and cancel your send email. This option is available to enable in settings page. Click gear icon at top right corner in your mail account page, select ‘settings’ and find “Undo Send” option in general tab. Check the box to enable undo send and set the ‘send cancellation period’ between 5 to 30 seconds from drop down available there and save the changes.


That’s it. Now when you next time send any email you will see an ‘Undo’ option available right next to the message “your message has been sent” in message pop-up. You can cancel (Undo Send) that accidentally/mistakenly send email until the time duration you have set as ‘send cancellation period’ .Undo-Send-Mail-Test

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