MegaChat – Most Encrypted Voice and Video Chat Service

Its over now to worry about privacy of your online conversations. The Famous Internet entrepreneur Kim Dotcom has launched a latest encrypted communication software for video calling, messaging and chat named MegaChat. Kim Dotcom – Owned company Mega claims that MegaChat is an encrypted and more secure alternative to apps like Skype, Google Hangouts and Facetime. Mega is even offering bounties for anyone who can find security holes in it.

MegaChat is a web-based app and it’s service is currently limited to voice and video calls, text chat and group video conferencing will be possible later.

The beta is open to the public and currently free to use, all you need to do is create a Mega account by following steps given below and add your contacts.

 Steps to start :

  • Go to Mega website.
  • Fill your details and create account.
  • Add contacts and start conversation.
  • All done ! now you are with a highly protected chatting app.

Mega describes itself as ‘The Privacy Company’ and it’s MegaChat is highly secured. So for now keep your usual such apps aside and try a video chat with this new end-to-end encrypted instant messenger app without giving anybody the ability to snoop on your messages in between.

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