You can install windows 10 in 3 different ways, must check which one is right for you

Microsoft has launched full featured version of Windows 10, and you are here, that means you are exited to know how can you install windows 10 in your system.

That’s alright, because you aren’t alone but one of the millions of people who are exited to use Microsoft’s new generation operating system, Windows 10.

So, here I’m going to discuss about 3 different ways to install Windows 10 in your system. You can opt any of these 3 ways which you find right for you. Let’s start…

3 different ways to install Windows 10:

  1. Upgrade your current Windows version to Windows 10:

    As Microsoft has promised to provide free Windows 10 upgrade to the existing Windows users for the first year of launch, you can get the benefit of this offer. You can upgrade your existing Windows version (i.e Windows 7 or 8/8.1) to windows 10 very easily. Once you grab this offer you can enjoy using windows 10 for lifetime without any extra cost. Also you’ll get free lifetime support along with it.

    So, It’s certainly a great offer by Microsoft for their existing windows users, that you shouldn’t miss. Grab the offer before it’s too late. You have only a year to do so after the launch date.

  2. Dual-boot Windows 10 along with Windows 7 or 8/8.1Install-Windows-10-in-3-different-ways

    The second way to install windows 10 in your system is quite interesting. That is creating dual boot in your system is the method of installing windows 10 along with your currently running operating system. That means if your system having/ running Windows 7 or 8 in C drive, you can install windows 10 in D drive (or in any other hard disk partition).

    And the interesting part is when you will start the system you can choose any of these two operating system to start with as shown in image above.

    This is the best way to install windows 10 if you don’t want to leave your currently running operating system and also want to try/use Windows 10.

    So, here I’ve already written an article that will help you step by step in creating your system dual boot (Widows 10 & Windows 7/8/8.1 together).

    Here’s the article to go: An ultimate, step by step guide to create dual boot Windows 10 along with Windows 7 or 8/8.1

  3. Install Windows 10 in virtual machine:Install-Windows-10-in-3-different-ways

    The third method to install windows 10 is putting Windows 10 in virtual machine.
    This is also a very interesting and useful way to use/try any operating system. You can install Windows 10 in your system using any virtualization software such as Virtual Box or VMware Workstation.

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