Now You Can Google Search your Lost Android phone

Google launches a ‘Find My Phone’ feature that allows you to locate your Android phone through Google search. You can now go to in your web browser and type “Find my phone” to see the exact location of your potentially-lost android device.

Google will now locate your phone through Google Search Engine, just like it does in the Android Device Manager app. The company also emphasizes you need the latest version of its main Android app-“Google (Search) app” for this to work. After searching for your phone, assuming Google finds it, you can even “Ring” your phone to set off its ringtone for five minutes.

Here’s how you can find your android phone using Google search :

  1. Go to in your desktop browser
  2. Login with the same Google account you used to activate your Android device before and registered in Google Play store
  3. Make sure you have latest Google (Search) app installed in your device, if not update it
  4. Type “Find My Phone” in Google search bar
  5. Now Google will pinpoint your Android device location on map result appears at its main search result page
  6. You can ring your phone by clicking “Ring” at left-bottom corner of map for five minutes.

If you have multiple devices attached to your Google account, you can switch between them from the map result that appears (see top-right corner of map). Also for security reason , it may ask that you sign-in again to your Google account before it completes the task.

However, If, for whatever reason, your device cannot be found or retrieved, you would still need Android Device Manager to securely erase all of the data on your device. Because unlike Android Device Manager , Google’s this “Find-My-Phone” feature currently doesn’t include these options to let user lock or erase their device data except to ring. But you can still use Android Device Manager and securely wipe all of the data on your device to ensure your data doesn’t end up in the wrong hands.

Another advantage of this feature you can take is to search your phone at your own location e.g home or workplace. Say, you have put your phone somewhere you don’t remember in your room and mess-up on searching it. So relax, just Google it, and let the Google find your phone location for you. When Google displays it’s location on map click ring and now you can easily locate your phone in your room. How cool is that? So keep in mind and next time try a hand on Google’s “Find My Phone” feature if you got any similar situation.

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