Facebook Launched Standalone Messenger for Web Browser

Facebook launched it’s Smartphone Messenger App for the web browser on Wednesday over at messenger.com

No doubt! Facebook is being a leading social networking site over years for almost each interest of peoples around globe. So now this social networking giant stepped next with a new standalone messenger app for web browser.

Unlike WhatsApp for Web this Messenger for Web is totally independent to messenger app in your smartphones. And yes, Facebook isn’t even taking away your ability to chat on its main website facebook.com, you are still able to chat with your friends on facebook.com same as previous. At least for now as company spokesperson told Recode.

So now you must be confused, if there’s already an option to chat on facebook.com over web then what’s the need of this new messenger app on web browser.

But what Facebook actually want with messenger.com is to provide users a distraction free chat environment enabled with desktop notifications. If you’re messaging through Facebook, that means News Feed and your friends’ user profiles are nearby. While Facebook Messenger has just one purpose: messaging, that is completely separate from the rest of the social network.

Another reason for that Facebook made this change on mobile was that it wanted to more easily build features into the messaging app. It has since done that, adding a peer-to-peer payments feature and a new developer platform that lets outside parties build features for Messenger.

Messenger.com will support a lot of these features as well, including payments. You don’t need the Messenger mobile app to use Messenger.com, also Facebook.com & Messenger.com works independently even on same browser.

Currently Messenger.com is available to English-speaking users worldwide, and will launch with other languages in the coming weeks.


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