How to Extract APK from Android Phone

Previously, as we have already published an article on how to download APK file directly from play store. Now today, I’m again here to share an another trick with you that how to fetch/get  the APK from the app that is installed in your Android device. So here we’re going to treat with the query “How to Extract APK from Android Phone”.

Before we start, I would like to make you known that if you extract APK from Android phone which belongs to you or your trusted contacts, you can trust on that extracted APK file. You almost don’t have to worry about the legitimacy of programs in the APK file. As apart from these two methods, download APK from play store and extract APK from Android phone, there are a lot of ways to download APK from anywhere on the web like third party websites. But you can’t be sure if the downloaded APK from third party website is free from infected programs like virus or spyware or not. So, I would suggest you to don’t ever go with third party websites to download APK file. You should always prefer to extract APK from Android phone, and that’s why I’m sharing this trick with you. So let’s begin.

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Steps to Extract APK From Android Phone :

  1. Open Google play store app in your Android phone and search for “APK Extractor” app
  2. Tap on “APK Extractor” App by Meher from search result
  3. Click on “Install” button to install APK Extractor app in your phone
  4. Now open it, and search for the app you want to extract APK from, tap on the app
    (In my case I’m testing with WhatsApp to extract it’s APK file)
  5. Job done !…Now look for the “Extracted Apks” folder in your phone memory (or in SD Card)
  6. Open the folder, you’ll find the extracted APK there

That’s it. Now you have APK file extracted from your Android device. You can use or transfer it anywhere you require. If you need to install this APK file in any Android device you have Check/On ‘Unknown Sources’ – that is to allow installation of apps from unknown sources, going through the Sittings>Security in the Android device where you want to install.

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