Not just computers, but your car also can get hacked

Just like your phone turned smart and became SMARTPHONE , your car also turning smarter and going to become SMARTCAR. Your car also suffers through the same cyber security issue as your smartphones and computers.

With today’s high-tech automobiles, cars are being designed and integrated using computer-programming. Little computers are being used for a lot of things, like cruise control or anti-lock brakes. Automobile engineers figured out that computers were much better at figuring out how to mix gas and air than a mechanical device. They were much more efficient and you could get better gas mileage.

The fact, that a car is no more just a simple machine of glass and metal but a hackable network of computers. Today’s cars are basically computers on wheels. Computers control basically everything: the engine, the suspension, the seats, the mirrors, even the air conditioning,” said Jake Fisher, director of Consumer Reports auto testing.

So now, cars are vulnerable to wireless hacking that could get easily hacked just like a computer or smartphone. Car hacking can be done only with a computer that has been hardwired into the car and by someone with intimate knowledge of the car’s software. Consumer Reports got to experience a controlled hack by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration as it researches car security.

Watch the demonstration video below shown how one can be left helpless at the wheel. With a laptop hardwired to the car, a hacker can take control of the horn, seat belts, even brakes and steering.

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