Google to Well-Structured URL Presentation on Mobile Searches

Google is consistently working to make mobile searches result more relevant and easier for the users to browse high quality websites. After the revised algorithm to finding more mobile-friendly search results, Google is now working on well-structured URL presentation in  mobile searchers.

Google is now updating their algorithm to present breadcrumbs-like URL structure in search results performed through mobile devices as stated in blog post

Well-structured URLs offer users a quick hint about the page topic and how the page fits within the website. To help mobile searchers understand your website better when we show it in the mobile search results, today we’re updating the algorithms that display URLs in the search results to better reflect the names of websites, using the real-world name of the site instead of the domain name, and the URL structure of the sites in a breadcrumbs-like format.

Here is the side by side example of the changes shown in image below – old URL on the left side and new URL on the right side :

As you can see in image that the website name will be displayed instead of domain name and the rest of the URL part will be displayed in a breadcrumbs-like format.

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However these changes are rolling out gradually and are exclusive to mobile search results, desktop and laptop computer searches are not affected by this updated algorithm. Right now the site name change will be seen in US-only while breadcrumbs are rolling out worldwide.

If you are a site owner and want to have more control over how your site name is displayed in search result, please go through this structured data documentation for providing site names and breadcrumbs. You can configure how you want your URL to be displayed and provide it to google to reflect in search result.

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