BitTorrent Launches Maelstorm, it’s Torrent Based Web Browser

BitTorrent has released today it’s experimental torrent-based web browser, “Project Maelstorm” in beta for Windows. Last year in December BitTorrent announced the release of the alfa version of Project Maelstrom as the first torrent-based web browser.

Project Maelstorm is a distributed effort of company which at the time of alpha release was just available to invite-only contributers-“a small group of testers”. But today it has entered to beta and available to download from here.

However Maelstorm browser is currently available only for windows platform, though BitTorrent says future versions of the browser will be available for Mac and Linux platforms, as well. You do, however, need a Windows computer to install Maelstorm Browser. Since the alpha, BitTorrent says it has improved stability, integrated support for automatic updates, and added DHT visualization for users while loading torrents.

BitTorrent has very big ambitions for this project and say it future of the web, which making the web more open. Company has shared few of achievements since the alpha began last December on its official blog post as :

Since December, we have learned a lot. We also have established a growing community of testers, developers and publishers. More than 10,000 developers in fact, and an additional 3,500 publishers, looking to share our vision of how the Internet can work. These are technologists, academics and researchers. These are start-ups, agencies, and visionaries. And these are the people who will help us build the next 20 years of the Internet.

Company has also introduced a full set of developer publishing tools for Project Maelstrom. Anyone can now grab these tools and start building sites over on GitHub. The developer tool for publishing will help you build for Project Maelstrom easily, even from the command line. This will streamline the process for creating and publishing content for other users to access while using Project Maelstrom. More information about developer tool here.

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