Google Introduces “ARC Welder” For Developers to Test Android Apps

Google introduces a Chrome App Packager named “ARC Welder”, let developer to test APK file for Chrome operating system. ARC Welder is a Chrome App/Extension that belongs to ARC—the “App Runtime for Chrome(Beta)”, a project that allowed Android apps to run on Chrome OS launched by Google in September previous year. The App Runtime for Chrome and Native Client are hugely important projects because they potentially allow Google to push a “universal binary” strategy on developers. “Write your app for Android, and we’ll make it run on almost every popular OS except iOS”.

However ARC is an early beta though so Google has kept the project’s reach very limited, there are less number of apps that are already done with ARC. I tested with couple popular android apps, so only some of apps are working on ARC like Facebook, Twitter, Messenger while others like WhatsApp doesn’t seems still ported.

ARC Welder packages Android APKs into applications that can run on Chrome OS and other desktop platforms. Yes, these converted apps could work even on Mac, Windows and Linux systems loaded with the Chrome browser. Android developer need to test their APK file and once assured, download the ZIP file and upload to Chrome web store.

To test their App developer need three things :

  1. APK File
  2. A Computer loaded with Chrome Browse (either PC, Mac, Linux, or Chromebook)
  3. ARC Welder

Steps to Test App :

  1. Install ARC Welder App in Chrome Browser and launch
  2. Attach APK File
  3. Select and test with each necessary options
  4. Once done all and assured, download the packaged ZIP file
  5. Now upload ZIP file to Chrome Web Store.

Port Once, Run Anywhere :

With the original ARC release, there was no official process to getting an Android app running on the Chrome platform (other than working with Google). But now With the release of ARC Welder any Android app can be converted into an ARC-powered Chrome app. Now that way it become really good to port Android app on ARC for only once and run it anywhere on different desktop platforms. So it’s a good deal for all developers to make their app run not only on Android but about anywhere like Android, Chrome OS, Windows, Mac, and Linux.

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