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Android M revealed : Here’s eight new features you should know

By Vikas R. Srivastava / May 31, 2015

Google has finally made the next version of Android official. Google lifted the veil on Android M, released a developer preview, at its I/O 2015 developer conference, an event that’s traditionally served as the company’s launchpad for its mobile OS updates. However, what will the Lollipop successor Android M be called is not yet revealed […]


Now You Can Google Search your Lost Android phone

By Vikas R. Srivastava / April 16, 2015

Google launches a ‘Find My Phone’ feature that allows you to locate your Android phone through Google search. You can now go to in your web browser and type “Find my phone” to see the exact location of your potentially-lost android device. Google will now locate your phone through Google Search Engine, just like […]


How to Extract APK from Android Phone

By Vikas R. Srivastava / April 4, 2015

Previously, as we have already published an article on how to download APK file directly from play store. Now today, I’m again here to share an another trick with you that how to fetch/get  the APK from the app that is installed in your Android device. So here we’re going to treat with the query “How to Extract APK from […]


How to Download APK Files Directly from Play Store

By Vikas R. Srivastava / April 4, 2015

Google Play Store enables you to install any Android Apps in your Android device very easily unknowingly of it’s APK file to you. You can install Apps in your Androd device either by accessing “Play Store” App given in your device or by signing-in to in your computer browser with the same Google account you use in […]


Run Android Apps In Chrome Browser Using ARC Welder

By Vikas R. Srivastava / April 4, 2015

In September previous year, Google launched ARC- a limited beta “App Runtime for Chrome”. The project ARC was launched with intension to enable developers to test their Android App for chrome OS. But within few days of launch a hack reveled the project’s full potential and enabled ARC on nearly every desktop platforms loaded with […]


Google Introduces “ARC Welder” For Developers to Test Android Apps

By Vikas R. Srivastava / April 2, 2015

Google introduces a Chrome App Packager named “ARC Welder”, let developer to test APK file for Chrome operating system. ARC Welder is a Chrome App/Extension that belongs to ARC—the “App Runtime for Chrome(Beta)”, a project that allowed Android apps to run on Chrome OS launched by Google in September previous year. The App Runtime for Chrome and Native Client are […]