AOMEI Backupper- The Best Backup Software and Helps to Realize Disk Backup Excellently


Now disk backup has played a more and more important role in information protection. When carrying out the operations of disk backup, all the data, the operating system and programs will be backed up to an image file, which can be used for disk restoration when it is necessary. AOMEI Backupper is a free Windows […]

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AOMEI Partition Assistant-The Most Reliable Partition Recovery Software to Recover Deleted Or Lost Partitions

AOMEI Partition Assistant

When we restore all our personal stuff in computers, we often faced inadvertently deleted partitions or destroyed the partitions by accident on hard disk. We may be losing hope in recovering partition information if we don’t take any measures. So partition recovery wizard is necessary for us to retrieve data if misfortune happens. Partition Recovery […]

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Free Manage and Transfer All of Your Cloud Drives in One Place with MultCloud


Now more and more people use all kinds of cloud drives, such as Dropbox, OneDive, Google Drive and so on. Yes, we need these cloud drives to save important information and documents. But it is troublesome to login each account and then manage these cloud drives. MultCloud lets you combine cloud services all in one […]

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Easiest way to make laptop a wifi hotspot without any software


It’s sometime an obvious need for all of us nerds to turn our laptop wifi into hotspot — i.e to share our laptop Internet connection with another wifi enabled devices, similarly as we do share smartphone Internet using its inbuilt hotspot feature. If you use Internet in your system using USB dongle/modem or via ethernet cable, it’s not […]

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One last chance & only a few hours left to save Internet in India


Update : Government has extended the deadline for submission of suggestions and comments on report of committee on net neutrality through the discussion forum under till August 20, 2015. Are you too the one from millions of participants in Net Neutrality evolution to save Internet in India? If so…a bad news for you (actually for […]

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